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About Our Practice

Filer Eye M.D.

Dr. Filer performs the most advanced method of cataract surgery - clear corneal cataract surgery. Since no sutures are used during the surgery, the visual recovery is much faster, and there is little chance of inducing astigmatism, a problem common to older methods of cataract surgery.  As well, there is only minimal downtime, with most patients returning to work, driving, and regular activities the day after surgery. Dr. Filer’s patients are amazed that they can often see better the day after the surgery than they have in many years. 

Sight is man’s richest sense.  Your eyes are responsible for 75% of all that we perceive in the world around us.  How well one sees is determined by how healthy one’s eyes are.  Perhaps as important, the eye yields important clues as to the overall health of the body.  Almost any disease that you can think of can have ophthalmic manifestations.  Most importantly, diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, and thyroid disease can all present with ocular findings.

Regular eye examinations, including dilation are essential to determine the health of the eye.  It is the only way to determine whether or not decreased vision is simply due to near or farsightedness or a more serious ocular condition.  As well, thorough examination of the eyes will often detect systemic diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol, occasionally before they have been detected by routine medical exams.

Dr. Filer provides a full range of routine eye care for both adults and children.  We have a full service optical shop staffed by board certified opticians.  Wide ranges of frame and lens options are available.  We also carry a wide variety of sunglasses by Armani, Maui Jim and Rudy project, just to mention a few.  Rudy project is a high end Italian made sunglass specially designed for sports such as cycling, tennis and golf.

Dr. Filer also works with Dr. Tammy Nguyen, a board certified optometrist and contact lens specialist.  Dr. Nguyen is particularly adept at difficult contact lens fits such as patients with keratoconus and patients with dry eyes.